Sweet Dreams Factory (Tate & Lyle) It is no longer simple sugar cane refinery, it has a footprint and is in constant relation with the surrounding environment. What impact does it have I can only guess. Through the video piece, I try to make a dissection of the factory, to strip out layers of information to see through the walls.

[JOUK] YOKE - short video art project, nominated video * He or She wins dominance at times. What happens when they synchronize is magical - as they do in this dreamland. Loving each other and dancing together, He and She make Me whole again. Whole and Holy.

*1st place in category Computer animation & digital video on XIII International Computer Art forum "Computer Space 2001" - Sofia.
director: Christo Yordanov
co-author: Angie Galanska
music: Georgi Petrov
lighting: Yulia Kunova
cast: Ivo Dimchev & Lilly


Old TV Stars It is a city gallery with it`s huge nice hall. Down is level zero of architecture - nobody expects its existence. Here are pieces of art thrown overboard. Statues turned backwards, paintings left off the floor in disorder, with hidden obverse. No light, no air. No admiring visitors. No sentimental relatives. Is this the place where the art dies? Requiem for glory, passed away a long long time ago...

Poem - I am a Bulgarian Words have their physical body, which is made by sounds or by letters. They have many lives, they believe in rebirth and in the soul - which is separated from the body. We often use only words body promiscuously and accidentally. We leave them live no longer than their physical life last. The word is pronounced and it is forgotten, immediately passed away. We kill them with ignorance. What does soul of the words mean? Or we may look for it in their body, in the effect, in the sequences? P.S. "I am a Bulgarian" interpreted by foreign artists- it is a beautiful Bulgarian poem written by one of the greatest writers Ivan Vazov...